Melanie has always loved to be creative in the kitchen.  She is especially well known for her delicious candies, irresistible cookies, and tasty treats.  Whenever there is a celebration, Melanie’s confections are always an anticipated treat.

Melanie has been making candy for over 30 years.  She started making peanut brittle with her mom for teacher gifts at Christmas. Cousin Bev usually made an assortment of homemade candy for Thanksgiving, but eventually was not able to attend the family gathering so Melanie stepped up and filled the gap. Her first creations were peanut brittle and other hard candies and toffees, over the years developing her own recipes for truffles, mint melt-aways, chocolate covered cashew clusters (with the best homemade caramel in the world!), nut brittles, mint bark, homemade snix snax, etc… Melanie has been providing trays of candies and cookies for every family holiday or event since.

She graduated into weddings several years ago creating some of the most talked about sweet tables around.  Uncles Timmy and  Billy have been some of her most encouraging supporters telling her at every event that she needed to go into business.  She remained reluctant to do so until she made the sweet table for her brother Brian and his beautiful wife Gina’s wedding, where she got so much encouragement (and downright begging) to start selling her candies that she had no choice but to venture into the world of business.  So now YOU have the opportunity to taste the magic.  She hopes you ENJOY!

Melanie is supported in her efforts by an awesome family including her wonderful husband Nick and 5 fantastic children, whom she claims help her most by eating the flops (as well as the successful candies) and offer the most honest critiques and encouragements.

Melanie’s signature candies are unmatched in quality, freshness, and most importantly … taste.